Breeze Handicrafts Ceramic Statues Christian Idols Mother Mary Statue Medium Size (Sacred Heart Mary Statue Bust)



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  • Made with the highest quality ceramic, this decorative showpiece statue of Jesus and Mary statue add a touch of sophistication to any decor. Wonderfully detailed, sentimental figurine. Excellent craftsmanship and elegant appearance.
  • Sacred heart mary Ceramic statue measure Length:11.5 cm; width:5 cm; Height: 21.5 cm. Weight of mother mary statue: 300 grams. Features good colors, posture and form.
  • The expressions of christian religious statues are real, the lines are natural, and the porcelain is gentle, which makes you love it. As a beautiful sculpture it is perfect inside in the dining room, home grotto, home altar, or home temple. Widely used and wonderful gift concept.
  • Ceramic religious figurines are also suitable for home, office, school shelves, rack, and bookcase decoration.
  • A perfect gift for your friends, lovers, leader, family, friend and colleagues


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