Breeze Handicrafts Opec Crystal Rosary Bead for Catholic Christian Rosary Chain with Cross Pendant and Medallion Handmade Prayer Beads Assorted color



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This Rosary is elegantly designed in crystal with hand knit metallic chain for sturdiness. The Japa mala in OPEC crystal is an ideal companion for your daily prayer. The beads of the Rosary have been made out of best quality material. The size of the Rosary is comfortable for usage and is ideal for young and old alike. An ideal gift for every occasion. Praying the rosary is beloved by millions. It is believed, Much like the Miraculous Medal, the rosary came directly from Heaven! According to tradition and faith of Roman catholic Christians the rosary was given to Saint Dominic when he was visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary. As you already imagine, the Holy Rosary, of course, takes its name from the Rose. The word Rosary means “Crown of Roses.” Roses are a symbol of the Rosary and its mysteries. Rosebuds are a figure of Jesus as Infant; half-blown blossoms represent the Passion of Christ. The full flower shows Christ’s victory over death and triumph. Similarly, the different parts of the rose bush should remind us of the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries. In short, a rose delight us because of its beauty, so we have Jesus and Mary in the Joyous Mysteries. Its thorns are sharp, and pricks, which makes us think of them in the Sorrowful Mysteries, and last of all its perfume is so sweet that everyone loves it, and this fragrance symbolizes their Glorious Mysteries. And, since Mary is herself called Mystical Rose, she obtains for us the blessing attached to the blessed roses.

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Catholic rosary chain is designed with opec crystal and hand knit metallic chain.
An ideal gift for every small christian occasion.


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