Cricket Set for kolu Decoration Navaratri golu showpiece Set vinayagar Cricket Playing Dolls for bommala koluvu



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  • Beautifully handmade and hand painted pillaiyar cricket set is made of paper mache.
  • A unique style of ganesha playing cricket doll is handcrafted by Tamil artisans.
  • Size of the cricket set comprising vinayagar is 6 Inches. The bommal koluvuu display set measures approximately 1. 6 kg.
  • Paper mache golu dolls are durable and with qood quality, and light weight compared to clay dolls.
  • Uses: Home Decor,Display showpiece, Diwali Decoration, Navratri golu bommai, Durga Pooja, Dussehra Festival Gifts, dasara celebration doll
  • Note: please check size, material and quality before comparing the prices

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At Breeze Handicrafts cricket set of Vinayaka includes batting, bowling and fielding. Asthetically designed cricket set will enhance your golu ambience if it is presented in golu padi or floor during navratri festival. This cricket set is a replica of human playing cricket. Lord Ganesha playing cricket instead of human. Also, the cricket golu set includes umpire and stumps. By exhibiting this sports set up in kolu, kids will be getting to know about the cricket game and sportive nature. BEAUTIFULLY HANDMADE AND HAND PAINTED PLAYING SET OF CRICKET PILLAYAR DOLLS ARE MADE OF PAPER MACHE. This cricket golu set is a made in india product.


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