Cultural Marble Jai Hanuman Ji Idol Anjaneya Showpiece Hanuman Murti For home decor Height 10 inch



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About Hanuman Ji Statue:
The Beautiful Hanuman Statue Presented Is Made Of Cultural Marble With Full Details. The Statue Of Hanuman For Car Dash Board Is Small Size.
Story About Hanuman With Sanjeevani Booti:
In Hinduism, Sanjeevani Is A Magical Herb Which Has The Power To Cure Serious Nervous System Disorders. It Is Believed That Medicines Prepared From This Herb Could Revive The Patient In Any Situations. The Herb Is Mentioned In The Ramayana.
Laxman, Brother Of Lord Rama While Fighting In The War Against Ravana Gets Injured By A Powerful Weapon. Laxman Becomes Unconscious As The Injury Was Almost Fatal. Then All The People, Request Hanuman, To Get The Magical Herb Sanjeevani, From The Mountain Sumeru Mount Dronagiri Range) In The Himalayans, Which Has The Power To Revive Even A Dead Person.
Hanuman Had Mystical Powers Because Of His Devotion Towards His Lord Rama ( Bhakthi Ki Shakthi).
Hanuman Is Chiranjeevi ( Immortal ).
Hanuman Was God Shiva’s Ash ( Form).
He Was Son Of Vayu, The Wind God ( So He Travels With Wind Speed).
Hanuman Was A Great Sage, Yogi.
He Had The Power To Become As Small Or As Big According To His Wish.
So, There Was Nothing Impossible For Hanuman.

Hanuman, With His Strength And Mystical Powers, Goes To The Mountain Sumeru. After Reaching There , He Fails To Identity The Herb. So, He Lifts The Whole Mountain And Brings It To The Battlefield.

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The beautiful handmade statue of hanuman is made of cultural marble. Cultured marble is man-made, blending pulverized natural marble with synthetic resins and dyes.
lord Hanuman ji statue height 10 inch, Length 2 inch, Width 6 inch. Weight:1375 grams
Lord hanuman idol is artistically crafted with extreme details by Jaipur craftsmen.
This small size hanuman is a Rajasthan handicraft. Marble decor of Hanuman figurine is a best showpiece decor.
Hanuman idol is the symbol of strength and energy.
Best gift on birthday, Deepavali gift, pongal gift, Gift on hanuman jayanthi.
The hand painted hanuman can be a rich showpiece for a living room
Hanuman holding gada on one hand and sanjeevini boothi on the other.


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