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Story about Dhola maru: This is a love story of Narwar prince Dhola and Poogal princess Maru. The couple is married in their childhood. Dhola was the son of legendary Nal and Damyanti, who were mentioned in the Mahabharata. Later the father of Dhola, the king Nal, died and Dhola forgot the marriage and got married again to Malwani. Maru sent many messages to Dhola, but all were destroyed by Malwani. A group of folk singers from Poogal visited the Narwar and told Dhola about his first wife Maru. Dhola made a perilous journey and faced many obstacles, and his wife Malwani also tried to stop him from going. He arrived at Poogal and Dhola and Maru were united at last. In return journey, Maru is bitten by a snake and in sorrow Dhola decides to burn himself as ‘male sati’. But he was saved by a yogi and yogini who claimed that they could bring Maru back to life. They played their musical instruments and brought back Maru to life. They escaped from there riding back on the wonderful flying camel and the couple along with Malwani lived happily ever after. Dhola Maru is an epic deeply rooted in folklore and oral tradition. Dhola Maru represents a much richer and more wide-spread narrative tradition, which lasted for almost one thousand years. It is a balled which describes romanticism of the desert. This story is very popular one in the Thar Desert. It contains elements of the local culture, and the heroine Maru is depicted as the ideal representative of the region. About the Dhola maru Artifact: One part of the story of Dhola and Maru travelled on camel along with other animals in Thar desert is portrayed very well by the artisan from Jaipur with extreme details. This is made of pure sandalwood. The fragrance of this statue is very mesmerizing. Donot miss the chance to buy this art collection. Please see the dimension, material, quality and authenticity before comparing the prices.

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