Lord Radha Krishna Fine Carved Figurine – Pure Sandalwood


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Made of pure Indian sandalwood this exquisitely designed, fine carved Radha and Krishna statue can be kept at Pooja room, at car dash board and can be given as gift to friends at any function. Krishna is a Hindu God of compassion, tenderness, and love and is also believed to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Radha is believed to be the lover and the most represented companion of Lord Krishna. Krishna is adored in three different ways: vatsalya bhava, madhura bhava and sakhya bhava. Radha -his lover adored him in madhura bhava, Yashoda, his foster mother worshipped him in vatsalya bhava and the cowherds with sincere, loving hearts adored him in sakhya bhava, as a friend.

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Dimensions 7 × 2.5 cm