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RAMAR PATTABISHEKAM set golu dolls. The Pattabhishekam ceremony also known as the coronation ceremony was held for Rama.The “Rama Pattabhisheka” Scene represents a MAN of REALIZATION – a Jivanmukta. Ayodhya is “A – Yudha”. It means “No conflict”. Therefore, it represents the Inner state of absolute peace and bliss – the state of Mukti or Enlightenment. In this state of bliss, Lord Rama and his consort Seeta are seated on the royal throne – the Simhasana.Rama is surrounded by his brothers, the Rishis, Hanuman, Sugreeva, Angada, Vibhishana and others. In fact, whether in the temple or in our puja room, Lord Rama whom we invoke and worship is the “Pattabhisheka Deity – SRI PATTABHIRAMA”.Rama, the Pure and the All-perfect, who is fulfilled and supremely contented, carries the Kodanda-bow in His hand and is the personification of Auspiciousness. The Lotus-eyed Lord belongs to the illustrious Raghu dynasty. Rama whose feet are soft and tender, is of dark complexion resembling the rain-bearing clouds. Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna are attending upon and serving Sri Raja Rama with the royal umbrella (chhatra) and the chamara (fly-whisks). Vibhishana, Sugreeva and others are offering their obeisance to the Lord.

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  • Rama pattabishekam set is made of paper mache material by local artisans
  • shri ramachandra murti pattabishek golu set


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