Pure Mysore Sandalwood Laughing Buddha Statue for Decor Feng Shui Vasthu Good Luck Showpiece Happy Buddha Antique Figurine Vintage Idol Kubera SWSH 36



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Handmade Laughing buddha statue for decor in sitting posture is made of Mysore sandalwood. Happy Buddha is admired for his happiness, plenitude, and wisdom of contentment. One belief is that rubbing his belly brings wealth, good luck, and prosperity. He is also known as Kubera or Gubera meaning a wealth God. Laughing buddha statue is hand crafted some 25 years ago with sandalwood. The fragrance emanated from the statue is mesmerizing. A truly unique representation of the Laughing Buddha Statue depicted wearing a robe emblazoned with Chinese good fortune characters all over. In Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha, also known by Buddhists as Matreiya, is one of the most supreme symbols of joy and wellbeing. When this jolly character is placed within any home, he will do wonders for all the residents inside; in addition to revitalizing any dead or negative chi and relieving tension, he is believed to also summon fortune and riches for all family members. The Laughing Buddha is now also displayed in the office and prominent places in business venues, such as the front counter, lobby or cashier. He is also a highly revered figure placed at the altar in many temples. Note: Please check the size, material, quality, authenticity, weight and craftsmanship before comparing the prices of sandalwood statuettes.

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Handmade Laughing buddha statue for decor in sitting posture is made of pure mysore sandalwood
Decorative showpiece of sandalwood antique laughing buddha idol for home decor is medium in size
Vintage Buddha laughing sculpture in sandalwood Dimension: LxWxH:8 x 6 x 10.2 cm. It weighs 190 gram
Wooden handicraft of this kubera statue in sandalwood is more than 22 years old
Laughing buddha figurine is a gift on all festive occasions
Feng shui gift Vasthu decor, Good luck Gubera statue
Buddha laughing idol in sandalwood is best feng shui decor and vastu showpiece that can be gifted on all occcasions.


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