Wooden Lord Hanuman ji Murti Head Hanuman Statue for Home Decor Showpiece Hanuman Idol Bajrangbali Sculpture Big Size Bust statue of Anjaneya Height 8.5 inches



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A real beautiful wooden carved desi handicraft of Lord Hanuman idol is presented in Breeze Handicrafts. Excellently crafted by Jaipur craftsmen in traditional style and with fine detailing. Commonly known as maruthi, maruti Lord Hanuman Bust Statue Table mount Desk decor Wooden Sculpture Figurine Size: 8.5 inch height. The width of hanuman bust idol is 8cm. The length of hanuma head is 18 cm. The idol of Sri Hanuman is worshipped all over India-either alone or together with Lord Sri Rama. He is also known as monkey god. Every temple of Shri Rama has the murti of Sri Hanuman. Lord shri Hanuman ji is the Avatar of Lord Shiva. Other names of hanuman are Pavanasuta, Pavanaputra, Marutsuta,vayubudra,anjaneya, Pavankumar, Bajrangabali and Mahavira.Jai hanuman is the living embodiment of Ram-Nam. He was a great devotee and an exceptional Brahma Chari. Murti of hanuman served Sri Ram with pure love and devotion, Hanuman ji was humble, brave and wise. He also possessed all the divine virtues. Here is an Indian God Hinduism Lord Hanuman Statue for home decor-a Rajasthan handicraft is a great piece of valuable collection, a valuable personal altar or a very good present. Donot miss out the chance to get the divine blessing from sri hanuman murti.

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Head statue of lord hanuman murti is carved from a solid kadam wood
Lord hanuman bust statue for table decor Size: 8.5 inch height. The width of hanuman bust idol is 8cm. The length of hanuma head is 18 cm.
Wooden showpiece decor of Hanuman murti big size Weight: 900 grams.
Wooden handicraft of the hanuman idol a made in india statue can be placed at puja room
Valuable gift on all occasion. Corporate gift.


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